Social media ads are the perfect marketing solution for anyone who is looking for more brand awareness and conversions for a low budget.Whether you are a physically present business or exclusively online or a combination of both, social media ads can bring you results that will make your jaws drop.

Our social media ads services are solely based around delivering you the results you are after, within your budget.Let Kural optimize your social media campaigns even better allowing you to reach your prospects in other online realms with highly targeted social media ad strategies.As a digital marketing agency based in Toronto Canada who specializes in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn ads we’ll help your business quickly pinpoint your audience and deliver the right message at the right time.


Work With an Effective Strategy Tailor-made To Your Business Needs

Whether you want to increase your brand awareness among your target market, create a buzz about your upcoming giveaway or seasonal promotions, build your email list, increase followers or sell more products, Kural can make that happen. At Kural we believe that social media paid advertising is an art. Because we believe that social media is still a place people come to get social not to do some shopping. This awareness has helped us in creating effective marketing campaigns with paid ads regardless of the industry. Our approach for social media ad creation is to deliver a value via your product or service rather than pushing them to buy, which indeed going to give you better results for your budget.

With an effective strategy tailor-made to your business needs we make sure to spend your every dollar wisely. Our social media ad specialists at kural will deliver you an end-to-end social media advertising service from messaging, ad designing, tracking, monitoring, analyzing, optimizing to reporting, assuring you the maximum ROI.



With a strong reputation as the number one social media platform for social media marketing in the world, Facebook is a must in any social media marketing strategy.As one of the most outstanding Digital marketing agency in Toronto, Let Kural take your Facebook marketing efforts to the next level with Facebook ads enabling you to enjoy more traffic and business.


Instagram is a more visual social media platform which currently has over 400 million users. With proper ad campaigns, we’ll utilize the power of images to convince your target audience to buy from you. We’ll work on converting your brand visibility to sales volumes so you can enjoy the analytics that mounts up from your screen in no time.


Twitter is superb when you want to focus on things like followers, likes, clicks and shooting up web traffic. But many doesn’t know that it can be a powerful business generation tool. With Kural, your Twitter handle is no longer where you tweet and re-tweet but a place that generate quality leads for a massive revenue which eventually develops your business.


LinkedIn is a platform that is entirely different from all the other social media platforms. Yet LinkedIn ads can be an amazing lead generation tool for some businesses. With a team of LinkedIn Ad professionals who have extensive experience in LinkedIn ad campaigns, we’ll get you the results you seek, through the best LinkedIn ad practices.

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