Take control of your online conversation

Building and managing your reputation bothonline and off-line are equally important in establishing trust and credibility as a brand. At Kural, we help you build and manage an exceptional online reputation so you can get the maximum out of the time, effort and fund you put into digital marketing. As a well experienced digital marketing agency in Toronto, we’ve mastered the best practices to convert weak to strong and negative to positive when it comes to reputation management.

From your website, social media channels, online reviews to third party publications, we help you strengthen your reputation and keep it under control.


Increase Your Positive Content Appearance

Our reputation management solution is not one-size-fits-all because we understand that each case should be approached and treated differently as each business has different problems and expectations. At Kural, all our reputation management solutions are tailor-made just for you after analyzing your every aspect that affects your online reputation. This includesanalyzing social signals, online trust levels, authority scores…etc.

Our experts work closely with each client to identify each of their problems and never think twice to go an extra mile to try different methodologies to improve your business reputation to the optimal level.

It only takes one bad review or one negative comment to sabotage your online business reputation as the word spread fast on the internet.And you don’t need the word of mouth which is indeed powerful against your brand.

We’ll make your negative content less likely to come up and increase your positive content appearance. We‘ll remove or relocate negative content from Google and many websites. We’ll help you increase your online visibility with best SEO keywords and strategies driving you more business opportunities.


Develop a Strategy For Your Business

Starting from developing a strategy just for your business addressing your exact problems, we’ll be implementing our strategy upon your approval. Our job doesn’t stop after implementation, as we’ll be there to help you improve your online reputation with constant monitoring and making data driven tweaks and alterations as necessary.

Equipped with the latest technology and tools our reputation management experts can help you gain the credible reputation you are seeking to achieve, for your brand or even take back the reputation you’ve lost. We never bring shady or black hat or unethical practices to the table as we are a digital marketing agency who after quality and standards.

Here are few methodologies we use in our reputation management solutions

  • Optimize your company website
  • Optimize your social media profiles for better search results
  • Remove negative or incorrect information on 3rd party websites
  • Enhance visibility of positive content
  • Analyze customer feedback to help you deliver a better service
  • Effective PR management

Take Actions Today to Gain Success and Authority in your Business