Show up in the right people’s inbox at the right time

Reach your customers’ and prospects’ inbox with the right words at the right time and drive more traffic to your website and leads to your business. Whether you are an e commerce website, insurance company or a startup, Kural knows the best email marketing solutions to help you get what you want.With our targeted email marketing services your business will generate more leads so you can enjoy an increase in sales, the only thing we all care about at the end of the day.

As an up to date digital marketing agency in Toronto, Canada, we are well aware of the latest trends and tactics which get change time to time and have a clear predictions for the future direction of email marketing. This allows us to help our customers stay ahead of the competition all the time. Let us help you get the word spread about your latest promotions among your subscribers, the best audience, one that trusts you the most. Our experienced email marketing writers will put the right words to deliver the message without being annoying and spammy. We know you are a business pride being quality and valuable, and so are we. Simply, spammy or pushy emails is not how we do things at Kural.


Build Powerful Marketing Methods

We consider email marketing as not just a way to increase sales but also a powerful marketing method to build relationships with your existing customers while establishing yourself as a credible brand -which is why we focus on delivering a comprehensive email marketing solutions which cover the very beginning to the end and beyond of your sales funnels.
For a successful email marketing strategy, sending emails is not enough. Having a strategy in place to build your email list fast is also essential so we can deliver your messages to a wider audience. With proven email list building practices, Kural’s experts will help you with growing your email list as well enabling you to strengthen your online community.
We’ll help you with the best indirect yet highly effective email marketing strategies to get your prospects to buy from you without making them even think that you are selling. We’ll create valuable and informative content on your behalf and share them highlighting the industry expertise you have.
Our email marketing services cover everything-Meaning we’ll take care of everything from designing custom templates, email content writing, segmented marketing, and strategy developing to campaign monitoring.
All our campaigns will be designed after an in depth analysis of your customer persona making sure that we understand your customers and customers-to-be. With in-house experts with experience in email marketing, we know the best ways to deliver your customers value while delivering you more business.

Let’s Work Together To Grow Your Business And Transform Your Future