A web portal is a customized website that immerses an array of information from various sources

For ambitious businesses who dream of fast growth, needs to stand out from your competitors and offer a better service. All these challenges can be tackled with a web portal. A well-developed web portal can help you with considerable cost savings, enhanced productivity as a business and establishing long-lasting relationship with your users.

A web portal is a customized website that immerses an array of information from various sources such as emails, media (blogs, podcasts, videos), forums, search engines, e commerce websites and many more. It provides easy navigation for users enabling you to offer your customers a better user experience.

At Kural we offer exquisitely robust web portal solutions for enterprises and organizations to help you deliver a dynamic experience for your customers, employees and partners alike.


Focus on Creating a Web Portal Tailored to your Exact Business Needs

With years of experience in developing functional web portal solutions for Toronto and abroad businesses Kural knows the way to develop the best portals for your business. As an experienced digital marketing agency and web developer in Toronto Canada we expertise in B2B, B2C, partner, vendor and community web portal developments.

All our web portal development solutions aim to help you improve your efficiency and work flow while helping your customers to interact with your business easily.

Every business is different so should be your web portal. This is why at Kural we focus on creating a web portal tailored to your exact business needs. Our web portal development service concerns about delivering you a portal that solves each and every problem and struggle your business is facing right now.


Will Deliver you a Web Portal that Surpasses your Expectations

Offering you a full scope of portal features from cross browser compatibility, seamless updates and patches, friendly error messages and proper exception handling, fail-safe password encryption, two factor authentication, SSL/HTTPS for secure login , image and media content optimization, cookie management to usage of search engine friendly URLs we’ll deliver you a web portal that surpasses your expectations.

User experience, performance, security, SEO…

In addition, knowledge and document management, forums and blogs, collaboration tools and spaces, E-learning, data feeds, billing and payments, self-service apps and forms, CMS and back office, authentication and security, role-based delivery, performance tracking, analytical

We Pay Our Close Attention to all These Features as We Want Our Clients to Have a Web Portal Solution That is Seamless and Effective from Inside Out.